Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Master Naqibullah


     Is one of well known and famous educators of Kohat. He was land scout during his student life; after he was selected Air scout during British era and ten scouts batch was sent to Dirge. road Karachi for glider training at the time of British C.N.C ‘H.Early’ Under the supervision of pilot officer  Mr. Afzal. Scouts named, Shiekh Muzaffar Iqbal, Jafar, Sharon, and Gul Mast along with Naqibullah. Training was sponsored by R.A.F at Karachi (Pakistan) after he, joined and started his career from Air Force and became the commander of his platoon and was famous on the name of Kapal ullah, but he did not continue the job and leaving P.A.F joined the education department of N.W.F.P
He was among the one of the founders of the Kohat comprehensive high school (in the building of old Islamia high school) with Muhammad Arif Bangash. He served during his life in Bund Khula, G.H.S No.1, Comprehensive High School, Ziarat Sheikh Allah Dad, Ladha (Wazirastan), Landi Kotal (Kurram Agency) Shabqadar (Khyber Agency) Subhan Khuwar (Khyber Agency) Raisalpur, Akhurwal, Dara Adam Khail (Kohat pass) G.H.S No. 4 Kohat. Once during tribal scouts’ visit of West Pakistan, scouts meat with President Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan at Rawalpindi.Scouts also meat with the Governor, Amir Muhammad Khan, Kala Bagh. Master Naqibullah was also a football player, a scoutmaster and a fire officer. He remained attached with Froebles International School Islamabad for more than 15 years. He stayed in Marjan Public School, Hamdard Public School and Science College and School Islamabad. Many of his students reached even higher heights and served the nation.